What is honey?

Honey, as we are all well aware, is a most important naturally occurring food product which has been widely used since the ancient times, especially for its therapeutic, nutritional, and medicinal values. It is produced by honey bees from flower nectar or droplets of honeydew. It is a complete food which contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins, water, antioxidants, and much more which are needed to sustain life. Honey is the only food which doesn’t spoil and will be edible even after keeping for years. Honey crystallizes soon after harvest by a natural process which doesn’t vary its properties.

How is honey formed?

Different types of honey bees move from plant to plant collecting the nectar from various blossoms. They work together as a group, modify it and store it as honey in honeycomb cells.  This honey is primarily produced as their energy as well as a food source during cold weather when they cannot find fresh food. This honey is harvested by beekeepers in autumn, and they leave enough for the bees to survive the winter.buy honey online

Different types of bees

The Apis Mellifera or European honeybees and the Trigona or Stingless honeybees are the most common bees. Stingless bees come under two classifications namely the Melipona and the Trigona, both of which play an important role in the pollination of flowers. Meliponine honey, SBH pot honey, and Kelulut honey are various names for the honey which is produced by stingless bees. The Kelulut honey from Malaysia is a valuable bee product and ancient people have attributed a lot of medicinal properties to it. FAQ

What makes Kelulut Honey unique?

The Trigona species of stingless bee is found only in the tropical and subtropical regions, unlike the Apis species that are found in most parts of the world. The naturally occurring colony of Trigona bees ranges from a few dozen to more than 1,00,000 and live in the hollow of trees. The pollen and nectar are stored by the bees in large pots in the shape of eggs, which are made of a material called cerumen, unlike the usual hexagonal honeycombs which are made of wax.  Cerumen is a mixture of propolis, formed from the resin which is collected from trees and plants, and wax. The propolis content is what gives its unique medicinal properties to the stingless bee honey.the best honey to buy

What is honey used for?

Various studies have reported that the stingless bee honey was known for its use as food and for its medicinal worth. The natives in Malaysia are known to consume the honey soon after extraction – by itself or even with a warm drink. Even though it is said to be a functional food, much therapeutic value is also credited to it. The Kelulut honey is used for treating different sicknesses such as cough, cold, bronchitis, etc. by combining it with various ingredients like lemon, pulp of Crescentia alata, and agave mezcal. The Mayan traditional doctors use this honey as a fundamental ingredient in their remedy for high fever, a cure for poisonous bites or stings, and in treating burns and wounds.madu kelulut segamat, madu kelulut asli, madu kelulut kuala pilah, madu kelulut itama

What does the scientific world say about honey?

The extraordinary properties of the Kelulut honey such as its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, sunburn healing, and wound healing effects have led to major studies recently on the biological and chemical properties of the honey. Its therapeutic characteristics such as anti-diabetic, anticancer, wound healing, ocular treatment, and fertility treatment effects have been scientifically proven. The beneficial effects of stingless bee honey in regulating diabetes, cancer, and improvement of hypertension and lipid profiles are significantly comparable with the regular honey and more systematic studies are ongoing to identify the potential uses and benefits.
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Where can you get the best Kelulut honey?

At Dinokelulut you can order the best raw Kelulut honey which comes from multi-flora surroundings. It is ensured that the honey is pure and natural so that everyone around the world can get hold of this amazing natural superfood fresh from the farm from Malaysia.where to buy raw honey

Why is Kelulut Honey so expensive?

Due to its high nutritional value and unique flavor, this honey is relatively higher-priced. At Dinokelulut, we always strive to be the best. The honey is harvested in our own farms so that you can get the best quality honey right at your doorstep. Moreover, this honey is twice more nutritious and has a lower sugar content than the regular honey.
We also use the advanced Technohive beekeeping technology, which is our own innovation for rearing stingless bees using hive boxes. These are wooden boxes specifically designed for the trigona bees used in our own farms for harvesting stingless bee honey.healthiest honey to buy

How does the honey taste?

The Kelulut honey is purported to be low in sugar, with a glycemic index almost 3.5 times lower than Manuka honey. There is practically no glucose in it, only pure fructose from fruit nectars – which makes it much more healthier. It is not as sweet as regular honey – good news for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. Its flavor is sweet-sour and it doesn’t taste at all like the normal Apis honey that we are generally used to.best kind of honey

Does Kelulut Honey comply with standards?

As per the Codex Alimentarius, which is the Food Code or collection of internationally recognized standards and guidelines regarding food, the sum of both glucose and fructose in high quality honey should not be less than 60% and the content of sucrose should not be more than 5%. In the Kelulut honey, the sugar profile is such that the sum of both glucose and fructose comes to 60.2% and the level of sucrose content is less than 1%. This makes the stingless bee honey to comply with the best quality standards.
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What are the Health Benefits of Kelulut Honey?

The following health benefits are reported from the use of this honey such as:
Enhanced immune system
Restoration after illness
Cures boils, burns, and diabetic wounds
Soothes pain
Relieves sore throat, cold, and cough. honey farm, best honey, honey for face, types of honey, best manuka honey, honey brands, honey ants, bee farm near me, benefits of honey on skin, raw honey near me, honeycomb for sale, white honey, benefits of honey on face, honey for sale, where to buy raw honey, uses of honey, honey price, honey farm, best honey, honey for face, types of honey, best manuka honey, honey brands, honey ants, bee farm near me, benefits of honey on skin, raw honey near me, honeycomb for sale, white honey, benefits of honey on face, honey for sale, where to buy raw honey, uses of honey, honey price, where to buy manuka honey, what is the best honey, where to buy sour honey - geniotrigona thoracica - heterotrigona itama, stingless bees