Dino Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless bee honey

Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey is a rare and exceptional brand from Malaysia, harvested from the stingless Trigona Thoracica and Trigona Itama species of bees.

The stingless nature and relatively smaller sizes of these species make them pretty easier to handle than their sting Apis Dorsata counterpart. But that’s not all there is to these species.

Their many health benefits, nutrient-rich constituent, and extremely high antibacterial resistance are other characteristics that distinguish these species from the others.

Kelulut honey contains 16 Amino Acids, Glucose, Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, Bioflavonoids and Minerals, which is no surprise that Dino Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey will serve a wide spectrum of health benefits to anyone who takes it including the strengthening and nourishment of the immune system. Hence making it a must-have in every home!

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And the high propolis content honey that they produce is a mixture of their saliva and the food several substances they have ingested; such as flowers, pollens, bark, and tree shoots.

The propolis also serves as the germicidal agent that helps to keep the young bees, cocoons, and nests sterile, and free from any possible disease infestation.

The Propolis, by extension, therefore has many health benefits that are beneficial to man.

Trigona bees are able to take up flower nectar from the deepest parts of the blossom which also has richer concentrations of the plants’ nutrients.

As a result, their product, the sweet-sour, fruity-scented Kelulut honey, contains a lot more vitamins, minerals, and medicinal properties than the Apis species.

An example is the high propolis content of Kelulut that contributes to the smooth running of the human body’s repair systems.

It may also interest you that most Kelulut species naturally make their nests in hollow tree stumps or tree branches.

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Health Benefits of Kelulut Honey


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Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey has several amazing benefits. As you may know, the Kelulut bees are smaller in size than the Apis species. Their relatively smaller bodies, therefore, make it possible for them to access flower nectars from the deepest spaces of most blossoms.

We do our best to ensure that our honey products are organically harvested under the most hygienic condition. Little wonder why Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey contains many vitamins and minerals and is gradually becoming a household name.

Typical of a pure Kelulut product,Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey has a somewhat more ‘refined’ and distinct golden color than the usual wild honey. It has a mix of a little sweet and sour taste.

Dino’s Kelulut Trigona Stingless Bee Honey has many health benefits, including its potency against various chronic diseases. It is also very useful in medicine for both prophylactic and therapeutic treatments. The product is a natural antibiotic , it is highly nutritive and serves as an effective antioxidant in a variety of ways.



Highly Recommended!

I come from a family with high blood pressure and have problems sleeping at night. After consuming Dinokelulut on a regular basis, my BP is almost perfect and I can now sleep well at night. 

Mr Tan / Kepong, Malaysia

Phenomenal Taste!

Thank you brother. Just received the shipment. Phenomenal taste – truly a magical elixir

Abdulla Al Naimi / United Kingdom

It Works!

My 17 yr old daughter usually goes to the toilet once in 3 days. After taking Dinokelulut for a week, her bowel movement becomes frequent to once a day. This is really amazing because it really detoxifies.

Mrs Mary / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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The Basics of Stingless Beekeeping Workshop 

Event Timing : 24th Sept 2022 (Saturday)

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Event Address : Dinokelulut Farm, Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan


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