Kelulut Stingless Bee Honey with Tiger Milk Mushroom


Dino Kelulut Honey And Tiger Milk Mushroom – The Trigona Series – A Miracle Mix

Tiger Milk Mushroom has been regarded as one the precious national treasure in Malaysia. With more than 400 years of medicinal history, tiger milk mushroom was used by Malaysian indigenous people to treat cough, bronchitis, fever, vomiting etc. Combining this with Malaysia’s first Superfood – Kelulut honey.
Together, Kelulut Stingless Bee Honey and Tiger Milk Mushroom make a powerful combination. From the small micro-nutrients to the active ingredients that make both of them superfoods. It’s essentially a
perfect cocktail of health benefits. Introducing Dino Madu Kelulut Stingless Bee Trigona Honey with Tiger Milk Mushroom.

Benefits & Functions

  • Relieves cough
  • Protect and nourish the lungs
  • Relieves nasal sensitivity and nasal congestion
  • Improve respiratory allergies
  • Enhance body resistance to viruses and self-protection ability

1 box = 20ml x 15 sachets

tiger milk mushroom with kelulut honey
Kelulut Stingless Bee Honey with Tiger Milk Mushroom