Kelulut honey (Trigona Honey) is produced by the rare species of Stingless Trigona Itama and Trigona Thoracica bees. These stingless honey bees are smaller in sizes, which helps them to take up most of the rich nutrients, i.e., flower nectar available in the deepest portion of the blossom.

The honey consists of varieties of minerals, vitamins, and other health benefits as compared to related species of stinging bees, i.e., Apis Dorsata. Moreover, it also helps in the smooth running of the repair system in the human body due to the high concentration of propolis in the honey content. You can buy honey from our official site.

On the other side, Manuka honey is generally produced in New Zealand and Australia, where Apis mellifera bees pollinate the manuka bushes. There are several benefits of manuka honey like healing wounds, cure sore throat, maintain oral health, prevention from gastric Ulcers, improve the digestion system, and so on.

Previously in the past there was the believe that consuming honey will increase the blood sugar of a diabetic patient. This is true for Madu Tualang a.k.a Tualang Honey and other types of regular honey such as Sidr honey, Manuka Honey and the rest. These should not be taken by the diabetic’s person as they cause a spike in sugar level, infants below 12 months as well as an allergic person to honey/bees due to its natural sugar taste. Kelulut honey is special and unique as they have Trehalulose in abundance, Trehalulose doesn’t cause the blood sugar level to spike like the other honey in the market. You can read more about Trehalulose here.

In this guide, we will also tell you about where to buy raw honey.

Difference between Kelulut Honey and Manuka honey

Kelulut honey is a particular type of honey which is produced by stingless bees, which is more powerful and has ten times more antioxidants than in regular honey. So, here are some of the points which makes Kelulut honey different from other nectars of flowers available in the market.

                                                                                        kelulut honey is anti bacterial anti fungal anti inflammatory

Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Bacterial Properties

When it comes to looking for the best honey to buy, then there are specific questions that may arise in our mind. It is necessary for you to know that the Kelulut honey comes with these exceptional properties, which are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. These features made this honey superior to any other products.

If we talk about the manuka honey, then there are no chances to find these unique properties. You will find various stores that offer knowledge about Where to buy propolis to make sure to get the right product.

These all are the primary differences between the Kelulut and manuka honey. We have compared both the honey and conclude that Kelulut honey is preferred to manuka. The reason behind it is that it is made from stingless bees and provides exceptional benefits. Moreover, we will now discuss some of the most significant advantages that you will find in the Kelulut honey but not in the manuka honey. It became essential to know where to buy raw honey near me. So, to not find yourself in trouble for buying the best honey.