Enzymes have been referred to as “life force” and for good reason

Without enzymes, food that we eat will not be digested or absorbed by our bodies. Instead, it will rot and cause us a myriad of health problems in addition to nutritional deficiency.

Inside every cell in the body, enzymes are needed to convert food into energy that we need to do everything – walk, run, think, work and even to breathe or blink. Our bodies cannot survive without enzymes because we even need energy for basic survival when we are sleeping!

benefits of enzyme activity

Some people experience enzyme deficiency due to age, hereditary diseases and heavily processed foods, causing poor health: from tiredness and mental fog, to indigestion and poor appetite.

A healthy diet with natural foods, such as pure honey, can introduce useful enzymes into our body.

Most of the enzymes inside honey are produced by bees and added into the honey. There are usually more than 10 different enzymes inside honey and together, they make honey the sweet and nutritious superfood that we all know. so this all are the benefits of enzyme activity.